Things to Consider Before Doing Business in Turkey

Posted in Uncategorized by qmarks on April 18, 2010

BusinessWeek has reported an article about Turkey adding “Turkey’s economic fundamentals have improved so much in the past eight years that political strife won’t stop the forward momentum. “This is an economy with a deep manufacturing base and a large middle class,” says Murat Köprülü, the Turkish-born chairman of Multilateral Funding International in New York, which manages about $120 million of emerging-market assets. “[Turkey] is going to pick itself up again after a political crisis and show growth.”

Maybe you were interested in investing in Turkey and that article has triggered your enthusiasm. Great, but before you step ahead, it can be useful to consider the issues stated at the chart.  Before I read the Global Competitiveness Report from World Economic Forum, political instability was my concern in terms of investment risk. But as I see it is the TAX REGULATIONS that one should pay attention before entering the Turkish Market. As I will have time, I will update this post towards the investment opportunities, financing and tax issues. TBC…


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