Sources for Business Strategy

Posted in Uncategorized by qmarks on December 25, 2009

Prof. McGahan was the PhD student of Michael Porter, who is the progenitor of the competitive strategy, known as Porter 5 forces analysis. Unsurprisingly she is teaching Strategy courses at Rotman School of Management. Last time I asked her where I can find information on a company’s strategy. An ironic answer she gave me; here. [in the course]

However today I found my answer to the source I was looking.

  • In recent 10Ks, Annual Report or Prospectuses look at the Business or Management Discussion. These are available through Thomson ONE Banker or the Securities and Exchange Commission or EDGAR Online.
  • Look for analysts’ reports in Thomson ONE Banker, First Call, and, for technology companies, databases such as Forrester, Frost & Sullivan, and Gartner Online.
  • In Factiva try the following search: strateg* and wc>500 and atleast10 company name, for example, strateg* and wc>500 and atleast10 ebay. You can adjust the search with different word counts (wc>n) or mentions of the company name (atleastn) to expand or restrict the results.
  • In Business Source Complete (EBSCO) search strategic planning in the SU field , and the company name in the CO field. To broaden results, search only on the company name or use the term strateg* without specifiying a field. Experiment with other terms: interviews, new products, etc
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