Computer Teaching

Posted in Uncategorized by qmarks on October 8, 2009


“Every solution we create lead us to a new problem…Therefore all models are wrong!” John Sterman

Today I was thinking about how to teach computer a chair. (ok here we go again)

First I try to address right question to get the best answer, but as simple as it is

What is a chair?

Something you can sit on,


Four Legs or more


Not Larger than the size of our bottom (important assumption, because a table can be a chair too without this that statement)

However, the problem now is how can we define the Sit function?

Well it is a position, but you can sit on different ways,

While the list turned out to be “Definitions” list, such as, sitting function definition, leg definition, and the definition of a bottom what if we have a bias on our definitions, and applying our biased definition code to the computer? Because world is a perception through our lenses, so what if we can let computer to learn by itself? Like a new born baby? A baby simply copies the images (or I guess so) and codes every sound, smell, light, and shape into his mind, and constructs a world around him and attains meaning to objects and behaviours. So can we do the same to the computer.

So it looks like, I am the 1.000.001th guy who asked the same question. Well, I have to think!

(Salut Integrative Thinking!)

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