Labor Force Demographics

Posted in Uncategorized by qmarks on April 28, 2008

Population is 72 million people in Turkey

21 Million of them are below 15 years old, and 51 million is above 15 years old. Thus youth population in Turkey is above the European level.

The age group above 15 years old called potential labor, even if they are 72. But among 51 million individuals, only 22 million are employed. So here is the million dollar question, where are the 29 million human species?

  • 12.7 million women are housewifes. They are not participating the economic activities at all.
  • 4 million students are at schools and academies.
  • 3 million retired, perhaps retired at age 45. We do know know how old they are.
  • 3 million disabled people.
  • 4.1 million people is neither seeking for a job, nor hungry. They are perhaps working at thievery corporation or gambling in casinos.
  • Remaining 2.2 million people are unemployed.

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